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A Working Class Program that Works to Solve Your Pension Problems

by Sandra Wisnewski, J.D., Director of the Mid-America Pension Rights Project The Mid-America Pension Rights Project (MAPRP) assists clients with pension and 401(k) issues. There are no age or income restrictions. And there is never a charge for the services. MAPRP works to find answers and solutions to your pension-related problem. Just ask Mr. J. Mr. J worked for an exhaust company in the state where he … Continue reading A Working Class Program that Works to Solve Your Pension Problems

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Achieving a Better Life Experience Act (ABLE)

by Jadranko Tomic-Bobas, Managing Hotline Attorney Individuals with disabilities face significant challenges and obstacles in life. Employment and living independently are among the major challenges. Further, individuals with disabilities can only have a limited amount in assets at any given time in order to maintain eligibility for certain safety-net programs. Therefore, a disincentive to work and more importantly to save exists in the system.   The … Continue reading Achieving a Better Life Experience Act (ABLE)

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National Senior Citizens Day

by Karen Flores, Hotline Attorney On August 19, 1988, President Ronald Reagan signed Proclamation 5847 establishing August 21 as National Senior Citizens Day declaring “For all they have achieved throughout life and for all they continue to accomplish, we owe older citizens our thanks and a heartfelt salute.” Senior Citizens Day is not a national holiday, but rather a day to honor and support our seniors … Continue reading National Senior Citizens Day

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SNAP Facts!

by Lyndsy Gamet, MiCAFE Outreach and Training Coordinator Let’s talk about the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Are you one of approximately 142,000 Michigan Seniors who participate in the program? If not, let me give you a few facts about it, and how to find out if you are eligible. 1) The SNAP program was designed to help individuals to obtain an adequate diet, while meeting … Continue reading SNAP Facts!

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National Lighthouse Day

by Mary Beth Daley, Staff Accountant Did you know that August 7 is, celebrated annually as, National Lighthouse Day? On August 7, 1789, the United States Congress approved an act for the “establishment and support of Lighthouse, Beacons, Buoys, and Public Pears.” It was two hundred years later that Congress designated August 7th as National Lighthouse Day. Why do I bring up National Lighthouse Day? I … Continue reading National Lighthouse Day

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Avoiding Overmedication and Harmful Medication Interactions 

by Gay Nell Jenkins, MiCAFE Community Partner Liaison Many older people have a higher risk of overmedication and medication interactions which are very harmful and deadly to them. Anytime a senior takes more than one medication, the medications can interact with each other. Most seniors do not ask questions regarding new medications prescribed or a change of dosage of the current medication because they trust the doctor, or feel … Continue reading Avoiding Overmedication and Harmful Medication Interactions 

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Steps To Take When Becoming A Caregiver – Part 3

by Christine Steinmetz, J.D., Hotline Attorney This post is the third in our series on caregivers. In our previous posts, we discussed the resources that are available to help make caregiving manageable. In addition to gathering information regarding doctors, medications, and billing information, there are also legal considerations and documents that can assist the caregiver in performing his/her day to day duties. In this post, we … Continue reading Steps To Take When Becoming A Caregiver – Part 3