Breast cancer mortality is decreasing for black and white women, especially among younger women. However, even though death rates are going down, we need to do more to level the field.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

by Sara Jackson, MiCAFE Network Specialist October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. During this month and a few weeks leading up to the beginning of October, you will start to see a lot of bright pink items on the shelves in just about every store you go in. These items are to help bring attention to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many families are affected … Continue reading Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Red corded phone.

Stop calling me!

by Ellen Mason, Hotline Attorney If bill collectors are bugging you remember: you do not have to talk to them. Federal law lets you demand that a bill collector stop calling you. So the next time a bill collector calls and you don’t want to talk to him or her say “Stop calling me!” The bill collector must not call you again except (1) to … Continue reading Stop calling me!

Firefighter wearing helmet and mask.

Fire Prevention Week

by Chris Jackson, Communications Coordinator and Project Administrator Did you know that smoke alarms should be replaced every 10 years? Once a year, you should check your smoke alarms to review their date of manufacture. If the date is more than ten years old, you should replace the unit with a new smoke alarm. Additionally, you should test your smoke alarms monthly by pressing the … Continue reading Fire Prevention Week

Side view mirror with traffic reflected in it.

Tips and Resources for Aging Drivers 

by Dawn Kepler, Project Administrator Older adults (age 65 and up) comprise just under 20% of all drivers licensed in Michigan, and this number is projected to increase. Similarly, recent Michigan vehicle crash data reveals that older adult crashes are also increasing, up to 45,864 in 2015 from 36,997 in 2006. Older drivers were more likely than other age groups to engage in the following crash … Continue reading Tips and Resources for Aging Drivers 

Scenic view of a forest with mountains in the background.

The History of Columbus Day

by Karen Flores, Hotline Attorney Halloween decorations have been on display in stores since early September, but many state and federal employees may be more excited about another October holiday, Columbus Day, since their offices may be closed that day. It is common knowledge that Columbus Day commemorates the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America, however it may not be known that he was not … Continue reading The History of Columbus Day

Mary Beth Daley

Staff Spotlight – Mary Beth Daley

by Darling Garcia, J.D., Director of Operations This month’s employee spotlight is on Mary Beth Daley. Mary Beth is part of the Operations Team and provides assistance in grant accounting and compliance. She has been a member of the Elder Law of Michigan team since 2014. Mary Beth is diligent and dedicated to ensure compliance and adherence to grant requirements. She has exceptional work ethics with … Continue reading Staff Spotlight – Mary Beth Daley

Grandfather walking with grandchild.

Heart Health Awareness

By Jennifer Blanck, Call Center Staff Member In March of 2010, my 55-year-young father had been having issues with leg cramps and was going in for a heart stent to improve circulation. However, the stent procedure turned into a quadruple bypass. It was one of the scariest times in my life to see my dad after the surgery so pale and lifeless and hooked up to so many … Continue reading Heart Health Awareness