The Importance of Oral Hygiene in Older Adults

By Abigail Haller, Screening Integration Coordinator at Elder Law of Michigan According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, 93.25% of adults ages 65 to 74 have untreated tooth decay, missing teeth, or have fillings in their permanent teeth; not including the 5% of older adults who have lost all their permanent teeth. Oral hygiene and proper dental care are essential to living … Continue reading The Importance of Oral Hygiene in Older Adults

Urban Farming

By Lyndsy Gamet, Stakeholder and Network Partners Manager at Elder Law of Michigan Urban farming, also known as urban agriculture, has been around for centuries. It is simply growing, processing, and distributing food in urban areas. The practice of urban farming faces many challenges in modern times, including lack of space, lack of knowledge and interest, and laws that prohibit types of urban farming in some … Continue reading Urban Farming

Social Security Announces Top 10 Baby Names

By Vonda Vantil, Social Security Public Affairs Specialist Each May, Social Security releases the top 10 baby names of the previous year. We are the leading source for America’s popular names because almost every newborn gets a Social Security number at birth. In a way, your name is your first “personal” information — a piece of identification that you have for the rest of your … Continue reading Social Security Announces Top 10 Baby Names

Senior Citizen Discount for Taxes

Guest post, by Kate Moss, Relationship Manager with Equanimity Wealth Management Jadranko Tomic Bobas, J.D., Managing Hotline Attorney at Elder Law of Michigan Being eligible to use senior citizen discounts is like a rite of passage in life. It says, ‘You’ve made it!’ Be proud of your age and take your senior citizen discount at McDonald’s for coffee, get cheaper movie tickets and even ask … Continue reading Senior Citizen Discount for Taxes

Rebuilding Together Southeast Michigan

By Grace DeRose-Wilson, Screening Integration Coordinator at Elder Law of Michigan Many low-income individuals must decide between putting food on the table and doing basic home repairs and maintenance. This decision often results in home repairs and maintenance going undone. If you are a homeowner in Oakland County or Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood in Wayne County you may be able to receive free help with home repairs. Rebuilding Together … Continue reading Rebuilding Together Southeast Michigan

Power of Attorney: An Overview

By Jadranko Tomic Bobas, Managing Attorney at Elder Law of Michigan In Michigan when we discuss powers of attorney (POA), we usually refer to a financial power of attorney and/or a medical power of attorney. A power of attorney is a document that delegates decision-making capacity to a third person, which is usually a family member or a trusted friend. Powers granted can be broad, specific, narrow, or … Continue reading Power of Attorney: An Overview