FTC to Begin Mailing Checks to Victims of Tech Support Scam

Via Federal Trade Commission The Federal Trade Commission will begin mailing 36,830 checks totaling $10,158,601, to consumers who lost money to a technical support scam. Inbound Call Experts, LLC, doing business as Advanced Tech Support, along with other defendants, agreed to pay more than $10 million as part of a settlement with the FTC. According to the FTC, the defendants used high-pressure sales pitches to … Continue reading FTC to Begin Mailing Checks to Victims of Tech Support Scam

The Importance of Older Adults Quitting Smoking

By Shirley Brown, Economic Security Team Member  Even though you may have smoked for years and had no difficulties that you know of, it would benefit you greatly to quit. It will be difficult but not impossible. You may need help and may have to try several different approaches to find the one that will work best for you. If you are not successful at your first attempt, do not give up. If you … Continue reading The Importance of Older Adults Quitting Smoking

Airbag Safety for Aging Drivers

By Dawn Kepler, Project Administrator Older adults (age 65 and up) comprise 20% of all drivers licensed in Michigan, and this number is projected to increase. Older drivers are more likely than other age groups to engage in the following crash related driving behaviors: failure to yield, disregard of traffic control, improper lane use, improper turn, and improper backing.  In addition, the risk of injury or death is higher for … Continue reading Airbag Safety for Aging Drivers

National Cancer Prevention Month

By Sara Jackson, MiCAFE Network Specialist   The American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) reports, approximately one-third of the most common cancers in the United States could be prevented by moving more, weighing less, and eating healthier. If we were to do these things, we could see a decrease of about 340,000 cancer cases each year. That number could be even greater if individuals stopped smoking and protected themselves from sun damage.  When you hear these … Continue reading National Cancer Prevention Month

Do Not Call registrations don’t expire

Via Federal Trade Commission By Amy Hebert Someone pretending to be from the FTC is sending out fake emails telling people that their Do Not Call registration is expiring. The emails use the FTC’s logo and send people to a phony Do Not Call website to register their numbers again. Don’t buy it. Do Not Call registrations never expire. Once you add a number to … Continue reading Do Not Call registrations don’t expire