Recognizing the Symptoms of Diabetes

By Shirley Brown, Economic Security Team Member  What is diabetes? Diabetes is the inability of your body to use blood glucose for energy. There are several types of this disease, however I will address Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes.   Type 1 diabetes is a more severe form because the pancreas no longer makes insulin. This is when blood glucose cannot enter the cells to be used for energy. Type 2 diabetes is the most common form, where either the pancreas does not make enough insulin, or … Continue reading Recognizing the Symptoms of Diabetes

Making a Difference with Community Service

By Jennifer Blanck, MiCAFE Network Coordinator   We are a wonderful nation that comes together by pouring out love, time, talent, support, food, clothing and more to help others who are going through natural disasters and other tragedies. Churches, large companies, and non-profit organizations are crucial in the recovery process to rebuild and help communities recover, which can take weeks, months or even years.   I have the … Continue reading Making a Difference with Community Service

Meet the Team, Staff Spotlight: Sheila Robison

By Mary Beth Daley, Staff Accountant  What a privilege it was to do this assignment with Sheila. I so enjoyed the opportunity to get to know more about what makes Sheila “tick,” if you will. And what did I discover? I discovered a truly compassionate woman with a servant’s heart. Let me share just a bit of what I learned.  I asked Sheila, “Before working at Elder … Continue reading Meet the Team, Staff Spotlight: Sheila Robison

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September is Hunger Action Month: Take Action and Fight Hunger!

By Sara Jackson, MiCAFE Network Specialist  When September hits, many people start to think of fall. We start to see a lot of red, orange, and yellow in décor, clothing, and food. However, orange has another meaning during the month of September, which is Hunger Action Month.  Here are some statistics from Feeding America associated with Senior Hunger across our country:  Nearly 5 million seniors face hunger in our country.  The rate of hunger among … Continue reading September is Hunger Action Month: Take Action and Fight Hunger!

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Dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease

By Sheila Robison, Economic Security Team Member   One of the hardest issues I have dealt with in life thus far is regarding dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia is a syndrome which affects a person’s mental cognitive tasks and reasoning in their everyday life. Dementia is an umbrella term which includes Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia may come on slowly or proceed rapidly after onset. Clinical diagnoses should come from a neuropsychiatric evaluation with … Continue reading Dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease

Meet the Team, Staff Spotlight: Sara Jackson

By Dawn Kepler, Project Coordinator Sara Jackson is a Network Specialist for Michigan’s Coordinated Access to Food for the Elderly (MiCAFE) program. She has been a member of the Elder Law of Michigan team since September 2016. Some of Sara’s favorite projects include growing the MiCAFE Network into new areas of the state and sustaining our partnerships with new and innovative approaches.   Taking a tour through Sara’s office … Continue reading Meet the Team, Staff Spotlight: Sara Jackson

Tools for Economic Security

By Dawn Kepler, Project Administrator  Financial wellness is important at any age. However, economic security becomes critical for older adults who are on a fixed income and the cost of living continues to rise. Completing a check-up of your personal finances can be a daunting task. Here are some free tools available to help:  EconomicCheckUp® provides information for older adults on how to avoid scams, setting a budget and goals, tips on saving money, and resources for finding jobs.  Michigan Association of CPAs has resources on how … Continue reading Tools for Economic Security