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Managing Someone Else’s Money: Protect My Money

By Michelle Goetz, Project Coordinator Millions of Americans are managing money or property for a loved one or friend who is unable to pay bills or make financial decisions. Yet, there are billions of dollars that are inappropriately taken from vulnerable seniors and veterans. To help you know your rights and responsibilities as a conservator, trustee, power of attorney, or veterans’ affairs fiduciary/ representative payee, … Continue reading Managing Someone Else’s Money: Protect My Money

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Social Security Online Puts You in Control

By Vonda VanTil, Social Security Public Affairs Specialist Taking control of your future is the first step in planning a long and happy retirement. Social Security is making it faster and easier to do this with my Social Security. With your own personal my Social Security account, you’ll get immediate access to your personal Social Security Statement that has your earnings record and an estimate of … Continue reading Social Security Online Puts You in Control

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Bullying Among Older Adults: Long Term Care Facilities, Part 2 of 4

By Emilee Evans, Legal Intern As noted in last week’s blog post, bullying is used to make an individual feel powerful by making another individual feel vulnerable and powerless. Being the target of bullying can be intimidating. By seeing this behavior through the perspective of residents of long term care facilities, hopefully cases of bullying will be easier to identify. The end of this post will include resources to use … Continue reading Bullying Among Older Adults: Long Term Care Facilities, Part 2 of 4

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August is Medic Alert Month!

by Kathryn Larlee, J.D., Hotline Attorney Did you know that August is Medic Alert Awareness Month? MedicAlert Foundation is a nonprofit organization that started 60 years ago with the mission to alert first responders to medical conditions that could affect a person’s treatment. A medic alert is a simple bracelet or necklace that is worn by a person with certain medical conditions such as severe allergies, asthma, … Continue reading August is Medic Alert Month!

Don’t Let Marketers Tell You How to Age in Place

via consumerfinance.gov by Stacy Canan, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau July 26, 2017 We often hear that older Americans want to “age in place.” Aging in place means living at home in the community, rather than in an institutional setting, like a nursing facility. This is the choice most people want to make even if they need services and support to do so. With over ten … Continue reading Don’t Let Marketers Tell You How to Age in Place

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Simplify Your Life

by Sheila Robison, MiCAFE Network Coordinator Who would like more peace and calm in their day? Who would like personal power, appreciation and happiness? How about gaining increased self-esteem, self-respect and a fulfilled feeling of gratitude? You can have all this and more. You can have all that life has to offer. In one word, the benefits from all of these issues stems from simplicity in life. … Continue reading Simplify Your Life

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Here’s My Money: Handle With Care

by Ellen Mason, Hotline Attorney Sarah is a spry and sassy 93-year-old – or “middle age” as she says. She’s totally “with it” but doesn’t want to handle her checking account and bills anymore. She wants someone to do it for her. Sarah wants a “durable power of attorney for finances.” One of the first things Sarah needs to do is figure out who’s going to … Continue reading Here’s My Money: Handle With Care