Medical Fitness 

by Shirley Brown, MiCafe Community Partner Engagement Specialist No matter your age, if you are considering adding exercise to your daily routine, recognize the safe ways of be more active. First, speak with your doctor about the exercises and physical activities that you are planning. Even if you do or do not have a health condition, your doctor can help you choose exercises that are right … Continue reading Medical Fitness 

Firefighter wearing helmet and mask.

Fire Prevention Week

by Chris Jackson, Communications Coordinator and Project Administrator Did you know that smoke alarms should be replaced every 10 years? Once a year, you should check your smoke alarms to review their date of manufacture. If the date is more than ten years old, you should replace the unit with a new smoke alarm. Additionally, you should test your smoke alarms monthly by pressing the … Continue reading Fire Prevention Week

Side view mirror with traffic reflected in it.

Tips and Resources for Aging Drivers 

by Dawn Kepler, Project Administrator Older adults (age 65 and up) comprise just under 20% of all drivers licensed in Michigan, and this number is projected to increase. Similarly, recent Michigan vehicle crash data reveals that older adult crashes are also increasing, up to 45,864 in 2015 from 36,997 in 2006. Older drivers were more likely than other age groups to engage in the following crash … Continue reading Tips and Resources for Aging Drivers 

Pills spread out on a white surface.

Avoiding Overmedication and Harmful Medication Interactions 

by Gay Nell Jenkins, MiCAFE Community Partner Liaison Many older people have a higher risk of overmedication and medication interactions which are very harmful and deadly to them. Anytime a senior takes more than one medication, the medications can interact with each other. Most seniors do not ask questions regarding new medications prescribed or a change of dosage of the current medication because they trust the doctor, or feel … Continue reading Avoiding Overmedication and Harmful Medication Interactions 

Unused Medication Disposal

by Darling Garcia, J.D., Director of Operations I was recently going through my medicine cabinet and was astounded by the amount of unused medicine we had stashed in our medicine cabinet. We are a relatively healthy household but looking at the piles of unused medicine, you would have guessed otherwise. Without a doubt, medication has a vital role in treating diseases and other conditions. However, … Continue reading Unused Medication Disposal

Options for communicating with people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

Improving Communication

By Nicholas Goodman, Network Engagement Specialist Are you Deaf or Hard of Hearing? Do you know someone who is? A great tool for drivers was recently printed by the Michigan Department of Civil Rights (MDCR). Whether it’s a routine traffic stop or an emergency, being able to communicate with Law Enforcement Officers is vital. The visor card from MDCR has a simple layout with icons … Continue reading Improving Communication

Couple smiling at beach.

National Home Safety Month

by Ron Tatro, Vice President Many of us look forward to the end of a busy day of working, taking care of the grandkids, or doing tasks when we get go home. Home is our sanctuary, a place of rest and where we can let our “hair” down. For seniors, home can also be an environment that poses danger. Each June, the National Safety Council encourages … Continue reading National Home Safety Month