31 Days of Giving, Day Two: Adult Respite Services

I volunteered at the Adult Respite Services, sponsored through the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) in Lansing, Michigan. This program gives seniors companionship, helps keep them active, and provides them with meals through the Meals on Wheels program.I had the pleasure of bowling with a Michigan senior that visits Adult Respite Services three times per week. We had a great time laughing together at all of our strikes and spares!

Through this volunteering experience, I learned how programs like this are so critical to our beautiful senior community; it provides seniors with hope and happiness, while simultaneously stimulates their minds. I am now confident that I have a stronger understanding of how important it is to support programs for the elderly, like Adult Respite Services, because it makes such a huge difference in the lives of seniors. Although some of the experiences may not be remembered by the senior, in the moment they feel loved, comforted, and touched by a smile.

– Michelle Jackson, Intake

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