What is “31 Days of Giving”?

Elder Law of Michigan has initiated a month-long volunteer campaign called “31 Days of Giving.” Starting December 1st, staff and volunteers from Elder Law of Michigan will venture out into the community and participate in one day of “giving,” and volunteer their time at a local organization every day in December.

Audra Ellis, an Outreach Specialist at Elder Law of Michigan, came up with the idea for this campaign. “The idea actually came from a magazine that I was reading which suggested donating money to a different charity every day in December. Donating money is a great way to give back, but I thought that volunteering time would be another way to give back to my community. I brought up the idea at a staff meeting, and soon enough I was calling local charities and organizations to fill up our 31 days.” In their search for volunteer opportunities, Elder Law of Michigan is focusing on programs and organizations that help seniors.

“Another great benefit to doing this is that our staff will learn firsthand about the many services in the area,” explained Elder Law of Michigan President Keith L. Morris. So far, organizations such as the Greater Lansing Food Bank, the Meridian Senior Center, and Closing the Digital Gap will see members from the Elder Law team enter their doorways as volunteers this holiday season.

Volunteers have the ability to make a huge impact. Elder Law of Michigan knows first hand. In 2013, the organization worked with over 200 volunteers, which contributed an estimated 4,856 hours of service to Michigan seniors throughout the state.

You can read about the 31 Days of Giving stories and testimonials on this blog, check back regularly for new postings!

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