31 Days of Giving, Day Fourteen: Helping Out a Friend

Our 31 Days of Giving Campaign has inspired me to give back to someone  who has helped me when I was unable to help myself.  In fact  over  the  5  years  I’ve  known  Clela Bernice Gray, better known as “Bunny,” and she has lended a helping hand multiple times.  A few  years ago, Bunny did something so heartwarming that I felt I must somehow  Include her in our program of giving. My cat Oliver was attacked and critically injured by a neighborhood dog. He needed stitches, and immediate medical attention. When Bunny heard what happened to Oliver, she paid for all of Oliver’s medical bills. This was such an exceptional help to me at the time, that I wanted to take the chance to give back to Bunny.

I knew that Bunny enjoys the holidays and goes all out decorating her house for Christmas, so I called her up to see if she could use any help. She was thrilled to have me stop out and help her decorate. I also vacuumed her living room, shook out her rugs, swept and mopped her kitchen and dining room. While I know that these small things don’t compare to what Bunny did for me, it’s a start and It put a smile on her face and warmth in my heart.

– Audra Ellis, Outreach Specialist

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