Featured Volunteer:  Marv Bromley, J.D.

by Char Brooks, J. D., Project Healthy Living Coach and Attorney


I had the privilege of interviewing Marv Bromley J.D who has been a volunteer attorney with ELM since 2009.  His past experience was impressive!  Read on to learn about the wealth of legal experience Marv brings to ELM and our clients.

Question:  What did you do before you came to ELM?

“I have been a licensed attorney for 40 years.  I first began working in the Attorney General’s office in 1975.  I represented the Michigan Public Service Commission (PSC) in cases where utility companies would request rate increases.  I represented the PSC and cross examined the utility company witnesses during administrative hearings and in appeals.  Learning the art of cross examination as well as handling appeals was very rewarding.

I was then assigned to represent the Public Health Department where I learned more about the Michigan Administrative Procedures Act and the Michigan Public Health Code.

I then worked for the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), serving as defense counsel in contractual matters.  Most highway construction and maintenance work in Michigan is performed by private construction companies under contract with MDOT.

Construction  contracts have very specific requirements, the private construction company makes a bid based on these requirement.  However, during construction, situations arise which could not have been known at the time the contract was made.

When the contractor and MDOT were unable to agree on how to resolve these situations, I would defend MDOT’s position in the Michigan Court of Claims.

Then, I was promoted to First Assistant Attorney General.  With this promotion, I began representing the Mental Health Department during the transition to community based mental health care.  When I worked in this position, I represented state mental  hospitals around important issues such as guardianship and whether court ordered mental health treatment or hospitalization was appropriate for an individual.

I enjoyed my work with the Attorney General’s office representing various departments of the State of Michigan.  I learned a lot about the law, the administrative hearing process, trial and appellate work.”

Question:  What was one of the realizations you had when you retired?

“What I realized upon my retirement was that I had always represented the people of the State of Michigan rather than representing an individual client.  Many times, I would be involved with citizens who contacted the Attorney General’s office for help.  However, by law, the Attorney General’s office is prohibited from giving legal advice.  Instead, I made many referrals to outside resources including ELM so that the citizen could get help with their issues.”

Question:  Why did you decide to volunteer at ELM?

“When I retired, I was aware that I needed to keep my brain active.  I also wanted to help people with their legal problems.

What I have enjoyed most about volunteering at ELM is the opportunity to give back to people while continuing to learn more about elder law.  Helping seniors with legal issues on the hotline is interesting and rewarding.    Without ELM, I would not have this opportunity to help people in this way!”

ELM could not do the work we do without volunteers like Marv Bromley.  Thank you Marv for bringing your professional skills to ELM’s staff and helping our clients. You are an important part of ELM’s success!

5144274Char Brooks is a Project Healthy Living Coach and Attorney with Elder Law of Michigan.  In January 2013, Char became employed at ELM as an attorney focusing her efforts on writing articles for the blog as well as working on internal communications.  Char holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Michigan State University, and graduated with her Juris Doctor from Thomas M. Cooley Law School over 30 years ago.  Prior to joining ELM, Char worked for Michigan Health and Hospital Association as an attorney representing 140 hospitals throughout the state of Michigan in unemployment compensation cases.  Char has also received her certification as a Life Coach in 2004. Char is now teaching Project Healthy Living Classes in mid-Michigan and continues writing in various capacities for Elder Law of Michigan.

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