31 Days of Giving – Focus: HOPE

by Harriet Harris, MiCAFE Regional Manager

31 Days Stamp 4As part of our 31 Days of Giving, I volunteered at Focus: HOPE, one of our MiCAFE community partners, during it’s annual Special Senior Holiday Delivery Program. Over 300 metro-Detroit volunteers picked up food boxes that included turkeys, vegetables, fruits, canned goods, and a variety of packaged items to deliver to approximately 1200 senior citizens. I worked with Khristi Miller, Volunteer Coordinator at Focus: HOPE, assisting her, other staff, and volunteers in registering the many volunteers who were delivering the food boxes.

Focus: HOPE is a nationally renowned human and civil rights non-profit organization founded in 1968 by Father William Cunnigham and Eleanor Josaitis to find solutions to the problems of hunger, economic disparity, inadequate education, and racial divisiveness. Focus: HOPE states that it’s Food Program provides meals to 39,000 seniors each month. Since 1971, Focus: HOPE reports that it has assisted more than 21.7 million people by providing commodity foods that are the equivalent to more that 501 million meals, www.focushope.edu.
PIctured (left to right): Khristi Miller, Volunteer Coordinator, Focus: HOPE, and Harriet Harris.

It was cold inside and outside of the warehouse where cars, waiting to pick up the food boxes, stretched for blocks, but the warmth, generated by the good hearts of all the people that participated in this event, could be felt throughout all of the metropolitan Detroit community. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to volunteer and Focus on Hope!

If you are interested in packing and delivering food for senior citizens, Focus: HOPE has an on-going need. To volunteer, call the Focus: HOPE Food Program at 313-494-4270 or email them at volunteer@focushope.edu.

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