OSA requests Proposals for Elder Abuse Prevention Grant

The Michigan Office of Services for the Aging has invited organizations to submit proposals to apply for funding under the Elder Abuse Prevention initiative:


Elder abuse is one of the fastest growing crimes in Michigan impacting an estimated 90,000 older adults each year at significant financial and human cost to our citizens and our service systems including Medicaid and Adult Protective Services (APS). Despite recent elder abuse prevention and education efforts, national data reveals that less than one in ten cases is brought to the attention of authorities with this ratio increasing as high as one in 25 for financial exploitation cases. Recent studies reveal an even more frightening reality for vulnerable adults with disabilities or cognitive deficits – almost half report being victimized. The Michigan Office of Services to the Aging (OSA) recently announced that it has awarded more than $800,000 to three organizations in an effort to combat one of the fastest growing crimes in Michigan, elder abuse. Funding was available to applicants under OSA’s Prevent Elder and Vulnerable Adult Abuse, Exploitation, Neglect Today (PREVNT) initiative. The PREVNT initiative was made possible through state funding. The state budget, signed into law in late June, included a $1 million investment for elder abuse prevention efforts. Gov. Snyder included this funding request in his executive budget recommendation and again called for its support when he delivered his Special Message on Aging on June 2.


OSA invites organizations to submit proposals to apply for funding under the PREVNT initiative. The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit applications from the legal, non-legal, communitybased, for-profit, non-profit, or those working in collaboration within the aging networks, who are interested in the opportunity to impact elder abuse. We are looking for strong applicants that want to help support ongoing efforts of prevention and detection at a local level.

The full proposal can be found here.

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