Administrative Professionals Day

by Chris Jackson, J.D., Communications Coordinator and Project Administrator

Wednesday, April 22nd, is Administrative Professionals Day! Here at ELM we want to take a moment to recognize our wonderful Administrative staff members, Rachael Savoie and Mary Beth Daley. Without their hard work and many contributions, ELM’s programs would grind to a halt.

Rachael Savoie
Rachael Savoie

Rachael Savoie, our April Employee of the Month, serves as ELM’s Office Manager. As a member of ELM, she has been instrumental in several projects.  She is an outstanding employee who has a high degree of commitment, flexibility, and professional conduct.

Rachael has gone above and beyond, time and again, to provide significant support to ELM during our financial audits.  She has been instrumental to our success in maintaining and organizing the necessary documents for the audits.  Her exemplary team spirit was always at the forefront during all the planning and procuring of the materials.

Mary Beth Daley
Mary Beth Daley

Mary Beth serves as ELM’s Staff Accountant. As a member of ELM, Mary Beth helps document our grants and funding and keep track of expenses. Mary Beth serves on many project committees, assisting with various projects.

Like Rachael, Mary Beth has gone above and beyond to provide the resources and assistance necessary for successful financial audits. Although relatively new to the ELM team, Mary Beth’s hard work will have a lasting impact on ELM’s successes for years to come.

Many thanks go to these fantastic staff members and all they do for ELM!

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