Ronald LaBow served with subpoena in multimillion-dollar pension case


By David Rogers,

July 4, 2015

Bank thought the subpoena might have been about a divorce.

The case, as it turns out, is far bigger than marital dissolution.

Since March, agents with the U.S. Department of Labor had attempted to serve a subpoena to Ronald LaBow of Palm Beach and New York.

On the morning of June 23, federal agents Matthew Broadhurst and Roger Passero tried to serve LaBow at his Peruvian Avenue home. LaBow peered out from an upstairs window but didn’t answer the door.

Shortly before 2 p.m., the two agents followed LaBow, 80, as he drove his Lexus SUV east on Peruvian before whipping it into the parking lot of the bank, at 380 S. County Road. LaBow was trying to evade the agents, according to Palm Beach police officer Michael Lynch, who responded to the site after the agents called for help. In the process of backing up his vehicle to get away, LaBow’s SUV struck Passero’s leg, Passero told Lynch. The agents then blocked LaBow’s SUV with their vehicles.

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