Gay Nell Jenkins

Staff Spotlight – Gay Nell Jenkins

by Natalie Pearce, Director of Economic Security

Gay Nell JenkinsGay Nell Jenkins joined Elder Law of Michigan, Inc. (ELM), first as a contractor in April 2015. She then became a part-time employee of ELM in October 2015. Gay Nell is responsible for enrolling homebound clients in the metro Detroit area for the MiCAFE Network. Prior to joining ELM, Gay Nell worked as a supervisor in Head Start for 15 employees from 2004 through 2011, including coordinating and delivering trainings to all staff. Due to her work in Head Start and in High Scope Trainings, Gay Nell is locally and nationally known and respected for her work.

Gay Nell has the heart for the work she does and she cares deeply about every client she serves. She has a unique ability to engage with clients and follows up regularly with them. Gay Nell’s faith is integral to the ways in which she operates with people, clients and colleagues alike. She believes in the inherent worth of all individuals.

I am grateful to know Gay Nell as a human being and colleague. I’ve learned a great deal from her during my time with ELM since October 2015, and I look forward to our continued work together. Thank you, Gay Nell, for all of your dedication, service, and hard work!

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