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2017 Summer Internship Reflection – Part 1

Elder Law of Michigan is grateful to have had 13 law students volunteer their time this summer. Under the supervision of our Staff Attorneys they have learned about the law, gained experience on what it is like to work at a nonprofit, and have assisted seniors in need of legal assistance. As their internship comes to an end, each intern has written a brief reflection of their experience here at Elder Law of Michigan. Two internship ended today and here is what they have to say about their internship experience!


My Time at Elder Law, by Ashley Arment

SAM_0584One of the main reasons I chose to do my summer internship with Elder Law of Michigan is because I am such an introvert. Talking on the phone to my family and friends is easy to me, but talking to complete strangers is a whole different story. Working on the Legal Hotline for Michigan Seniors has really helped me gain confidence and increase my communication skills, not only with clients on the phone, but with legal issues in general.

I have learned a lot at Elder Law of Michigan. It has been a great professional experience and has increased my knowledge of legal issues such as property, landlord/tenant, debt, estate planning, and other various legal topics pertaining to seniors. I am very grateful to have had such a hands-on legal experience this summer.

I appreciate the people I met while working for Elder Law of Michigan. It has been a blessing to work with clients who are grateful for the services Elder Law of Michigan provides. My internship definitely helped fuel my passion to help people with the power of the law. Additionally, it was great to work with all of the Hotline attorneys as each has their own way of doing things and their own distinct personalities. I learned a lot from each attorney! I am very happy to have had the pleasure to work with the other legal interns at Elder Law and have learned a lot from all of them and laughed a little too much during all of our lunch adventures.

All in all, working at Elder Law of Michigan has been a fantastic opportunity and I am very blessed to have been surrounded by such motivated and passionate people the last few months. Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Elder Law of Michigan!


Summer in Review, by Morgan Stage

Morgan StageMy experiences at Elder Law of Michigan have provided me with a foundation on which to build my legal career. The externship program allowed for me to gain real world skills in the practice of law, the kind of skills one does not obtain in a classroom alone. Overall, working for Elder Law of Michigan was a great experience, and I would suggest it to anyone looking to have a wide range of legal experience.

Working on the Legal Hotline for Michigan Seniors allowed me to gain exposure in many different areas of the law. Before coming to Elder Law of Michigan, I had legal knowledge only in the topics covered by the first year classes. After completing my externship, I now have experience in garnishments, bankruptcy, power of attorney documents, evictions, fraud, and many other areas. I gained an understanding of new areas of the law and saw how it is applied in the real world. I also learned how to interview clients. I learned what questions to ask and how to get the correct information I need to help solve the client’s problem. Interviewing skills are definitely something not taught in a classroom.

If anyone is interested in an externship at Elder Law of Michigan I would encourage them to do so. The staff is committed to helping others as well as helping the externs succeed. Their passion for helping others is something I hope to emulate in my professional career. Working at Elder Law of Michigan is also a great position for a law student who is unsure about what they want to do after graduation, because it allows for exposure to many different areas of law as well as many different career options for an attorney.

I have enjoyed my summer as an extern with Elder Law of Michigan and I am thankful for the experiences it gave me.

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