Meet the Team, Staff Spotlight: Keith Morris

By Jay Tomic Bobas, J.D., Managing Hotline Attorney, and Ashley Jayne, Legal Hotline Intern   

Keith Morris, ELM PresidentKeith Morris is the President and CEO of Elder Law of Michigan, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization. He started as a volunteer with the Legal Hotline for Michigan Seniors in 2000 and has been with the organization ever since. Keith works on many projects within the organization and leads the Elder Law of Michigan team with passion and enthusiasm.  

What has been Keith’s favorite project while working at Elder Law of Michigan? 

Keith’s favorite project during his time at Elder Law of Michigan has been working with the Center for Elder Rights Advocacy (CERA). CERA is a project of Elder Law of Michigan, whose mission is to provide technical assistance to legal hotline managers, developers, and other stakeholders for non-profit legal programs that provide telephone legal advice. Keith said working with CERA has been a wonderful experience, as he has had the opportunity to talk with programs from all over the country, and to provide those programs with new resources. 

What has been Keith’s proudest moment with Elder Law of Michigan? 

When asked about his proudest moment with Elder Law of Michigan, Keith said he struggled to pick just one. Most recently, Elder Law of Michigan received the AARP Volunteer Recognition Award for their free services to Michigan seniors. Keith said he is proud every time Elder Law of Michigan is recognized for its work. 

What does Keith enjoy doing in his spare time? 

Though he does not often have much spare time, Keith enjoys learning new things on the computer. In fact, he is currently considering taking classes on internet security and Windows. Keith also enjoys reading and surfing the web. However, he said he often spends his time at home still working. 

What is on Keith’s bucket list? 

Keith would like to travel to Europe someday. He said he would like to go without an agenda or set plan and see where the trip takes him. 

Keith also said he wants to write a suspense novel. He said he has seen many things in his life that he never expected and feels that those experiences would make good content for a book.