Rice Pudding

By Ron Tatro, Director, Michigan Elder Justice Coordinating Council at Elder Law of Michigan

The pandemic has brought many changes to our lives. For the employees of Elder Law of Michigan, those changes have included working remotely from our homes. My home office overlooks a large lawn area filled with trees, animals, and a clear view of the scenery. As nature change for seasons, what can we do to help make the transition to the next season of our lives? Here are some suggestions that might help us get ready.

  • Keep your home and car maintained for winter. Get the oil changed and have someone check the air pressure in the tires. Check your home’s doors and windows for leaks. Plug those leaks and you will save on heating costs.
  • Get yourself prepared with updated visits to your dentist, eye care, and medical providers. Are you up to date on all your vaccinations?

Think about making this “silly season.” How can you bring a smile to another person? Think of a joke you could share with someone, give a friend a gag gift, wear a shirt or sweater with a funny saying. We all like to laugh or smile. It is good for everyone including yourself.

  • Identify some fun things you can still do. Take up a new skill or learn to play or listen to music. Join a recipe group and try making a new dish or baking a pie.
  • At this point, you may be wondering what the title Rice Pudding has to do with this blog. Find someone that you love or have a close relationship with and share a sign of love or friendship. Recently, my wife and I finally ventured out to a small restaurant. My favorite dish there is rice pudding. However, on this visit, they had sold out of the pudding. I returned home to find that my wife had decided to try her hand at making rice pudding with raisins and cream, it was delicious. When I ask why she chose to make the pudding, she responded with “I know that you were disappointed when you didn’t get it at the restaurant, so I wanted to make it for you because I love you.”
  • Sometimes, the best gifts in life come when you least expect it. Enjoy each day and pay it forward to those around you. Take care and stay safe.

Until the next time.

Ron Tatro joined Elder Law of Michigan in 2007 as the Director of Consumer Fraud and Elder Abuse Prevention Services. He is currently the Director of the Michigan Elder Justice Coordinating Council providing services to community based elder abuse prevention projects throughout Michigan.