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Tech Tips: How to use Google Calendar

By Liseia Parisian, Network Screening Integration Coordinator at Elder Law of Michigan

Do you know that there is a free tool that you can use to help you keep track of upcoming events? This tool is called Google Calendar, and it is a free application that you can use on your phone if you have a Gmail account. 

Google Calendar is a great tool because you can have it do multiple functions like adding events, tasks, reminders, and goals. For this article, we will be referencing how to input things into Google Calendar on Android phones. For most Android phones, Google Calendar is automatically pre-installed, but if not you can download it via Google Play Store. If you are not already logged into your google account, you will be prompted to enter your credentials for the google account so that you can use google calendar. If you do not have a google account, you can sign up for one for free on

The internet has a plethora of how to use google calendar and string search “how to use google calendar on android phone” is likely to generate over 262,000,000 results. I have looked at several online resources and have narrowed it down to two resources for this blog ( a video and an online article) and I am providing links for you to view them and follow an in-depth step by step process. Please note that some websites have affiliate marketing link, which means that the owner of the website you are visiting, earns a commission by promoting a product or service made by another individual or company using an affiliate link for users like you to click and buy or opt into the services they are promoting. 

This blog is not intended to promote a paid for product or paid for services. Google Calendar is a free app that is included in the google platform for anyone who signs up for a google account and therefore using Google Calendar on your android phone does not require any special subscription or additional paid for services to use the Google Calendar.

Resources used for this blog: 

In preparation for this blog, I came across a website that contains affiliate links but has an easy to follow steps on how to use Google Calendar on Android Phone.

Additionally, I found a YouTube video How To Use The Android Calendar App that is 2.26 minutes long and easy to follow steps. If you are anything like me, I need to see How Tos or Step By Step Instructionals multiple times to be able to follow them, a quick tip is to lower the playback speed of the video. To do so, once the video opens, pause it and then find the settings options, which is usually represented by a gear icon, click the gear icon to select it to open the options, find the Playback Speed (Normal is the default speed) and change it to the speed your are comfortable with. 

To get started with the Google Calendar if it is not already installed on your phone, you will need to download it via Google Play Store.

I hope you give Google Calendar a try as I find it to be a great tool to provide reminders for daily tasks and appointments for me. 

Liseia Parisian is a member of the Economic Security Team and has been member of the Elder Law of Michigan team since 2020. As a member of the Economic Security Team, Liseia focuses on assisting clients with benefits applications such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and Medicaid.