A Volunteer Shares Her Experience

“As I enter my fifth week of my internship at Elder Law of Michigan, I would like to say that I am having a wonderful experience. I am truly impressed by the staff; everyone has been helpful and considerate. I attribute this to good leadership as well as a group of people all believing in what they do and working hard everyday to help seniors.

On a personal note, I can’t help but notice how young everyone here is. It makes me really happy to see such dedication in young people. I will admit there have been times when I worried about my future in the hands of some of today’s 20-30 year olds, but seeing the staff here has given me no small measure of peace of mind.

When I have to write my assessment of Elder Law of Michigan, I believe I will run out of superlatives. i also plan on becoming a volunteer, so I hope to stay in close touch with everyone here.”

– Rita Honeysett, MiCAFE Intern

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