Basic Funding for Stair Lifts

By Michelle Goetz, J.D., Project Coordinator  Are stairs getting hard to climb? Do you find yourself going up or down stairs less often?   If navigating your home has become a challenge, you may want to consider having a stair lift installed in your home. Doing so could prevent you from having to sell your home or move into an assisted living facility. Factors to contemplate include arranging installation and paying for the lift.   Residential stair lifts previously had the same installation regulations as commercial elevators, which were … Continue reading Basic Funding for Stair Lifts

Elder Law of Michigan and ASPPIRE of Mid-Michigan

By Jadranko Tomic Bobas, J.D., Managing Hotline Attorney and Ashley Jayne, Legal Hotline Intern  Most people thrive on their daily social interactions. However, for persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), social interactions may not come so easily. That is why ASPPIRE of Mid-Michigan was formed, and continues to reach out to Michigan adults with ASD.   ASPPIRE is an acronym for Adaptive Social Program Providing Instruction, Recreation, and Enrichment. The non-profit organization’s purpose is in their name. … Continue reading Elder Law of Michigan and ASPPIRE of Mid-Michigan

Mid-Michigan Call to Justice Awards: August 15, 2018. Join Us!

The 2018 Mid-Michigan Call to Justice Awards at UrbanBeat in Lansing is scheduled for Wednesday, August 15, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. We will be honoring Traci Ruiz, Retired Lieutenant, Lansing Police Department; Marion Owen, Chief Executive Officer – Tri-County Office on Aging; Rachel Richards and Cynthia Farrell, Aging & Adult Services Agency and Adult Protective Services; and Janet Clark, Retired Executive Director at Retired Seniors Volunteer Program. The … Continue reading Mid-Michigan Call to Justice Awards: August 15, 2018. Join Us!

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Steps To Take When Becoming A Caregiver – Part 4

by Christine Steinmetz, J.D., Hotline Attorney This post is the fourth in our series on caregivers. In our previous post, we discussed the Durable Power of Attorney for Finances, Power of Attorney for Health Care, and the Representative Payee designation forms that can assist a caregiver with his/her duties. In this post, we will discuss the Living Trust, which can also assist a caregiver with handling … Continue reading Steps To Take When Becoming A Caregiver – Part 4

Treasury Rejects a Plan to Cut Pensions for Teamsters

via, by Susan Tompor, Detroit Free Press, May 6, 2016, Retired truck drivers and other members of the Teamsters union scored a victory and avoided drastic cuts to their pensions, as the U.S. Treasury rejected a bailout plan proposed by the Central States Pension Fund. Central States Pension Fund trustees submitted a proposed rescue plan in late September as a way to avoid an even more … Continue reading Treasury Rejects a Plan to Cut Pensions for Teamsters

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“Get out of MY house”

by Ellen Mason, J.D., Hotline Attorney Your friend, Jane, has been living in your house with you. She hasn’t been paying rent and she didn’t sign a lease. Yesterday, you had a fight with her and now you want her out. Can you change the locks on your house or just toss her belongings out? No. Michigan law considers Jane a tenant even though she’s never … Continue reading “Get out of MY house”

Daryl Thompson

Staff Spotlight – Daryl Thompson

by Sandra Wisnewski, J.D., Director of the Mid-America Pension Rights Project This month I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to write about one of our attorneys, Daryl Thompson. Daryl joined the Elder Law of Michigan, Inc. (ELM) team in January of 2015. Daryl is an alumnus of Michigan State University Law School and graduated magna cum laude. Daryl works within two programs at ELM, … Continue reading Staff Spotlight – Daryl Thompson

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Applying for the Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit

by Daryl Thompson, J.D., Hotline Attorney Are you in a financial pinch? The Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit may provide you with valuable compensation that you have missed. Michigan seniors seem to be missing out on a valuable resource. Many seniors do not file their yearly income taxes because they do not owe any income taxes. This could lead to them not claiming the Homestead Property Tax … Continue reading Applying for the Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit

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5 Ways to Stay Active in Winter

by Shirley Brown, Healthy Living Coach Participate in activities that you enjoy. Get excited about this new year, 2016. Begin with a healthy active plan. Always discuss planned changes with your medical doctor before beginning any changes to your physical activities. The temperatures may be too cold, the roads and streets to slippery, however, there are plenty of fun indoor and outdoor winter activities for you to … Continue reading 5 Ways to Stay Active in Winter