Don’t Let Marketers Tell You How to Age in Place

via by Stacy Canan, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau July 26, 2017 We often hear that older Americans want to “age in place.” Aging in place means living at home in the community, rather than in an institutional setting, like a nursing facility. This is the choice most people want to make even if they need services and support to do so. With over ten … Continue reading Don’t Let Marketers Tell You How to Age in Place

Pros and Cons of Paying off Mortgage Before Retirement

via CNBC by Deborah Nason, CNBC June 22, 2017 Should you pay off your mortgage before you retire? There’s no clear-cut answer, as the strategy depends on the client’s tax situation, asset and income levels, and attitudes toward debt and investment. Financial advisors discuss the pros and cons. Read the full article. Continue reading Pros and Cons of Paying off Mortgage Before Retirement

House wrapped with Foreclosure tape front view

Step Forward Receives Additional Funding

by Katie Burns, J.D., Attorney, Housing Counselor, and HUD Certified Reverse Mortgage Counselor The Step Forward Michigan program has helped thousands of homeowners avoid mortgage, reverse mortgage, and property tax foreclosure. It was created in 2010, after Michigan received $498 million of the Hardest Hit Loan Fund established by the US Department of Treasury. Michigan homeowners with a qualifying hardship receive a mortgage lien and forgivable … Continue reading Step Forward Receives Additional Funding

Keychain shaped like a house.

“Get out of MY house”

by Ellen Mason, J.D., Hotline Attorney Your friend, Jane, has been living in your house with you. She hasn’t been paying rent and she didn’t sign a lease. Yesterday, you had a fight with her and now you want her out. Can you change the locks on your house or just toss her belongings out? No. Michigan law considers Jane a tenant even though she’s never … Continue reading “Get out of MY house”