Senior Home Shares

By Michelle Jackson, Economic Security Team Member at Elder Law of Michigan

Senior home sharing is becoming more and more popular in today’s world. Seniors are sharing homes with each other to share the high cost of housing expenses, as well as to have the companionship that comes with having a roommate. Senior home sharing also improves the health and safety of seniors by having another person looking out for them. Having a heavy financial burden is very stressful for anyone, but it’s especially hard for older adults. By sharing expenses, older adults are not under as much stress as they would be if they were paying bills and maintaining a home by themselves.

Senior home sharing is growing year after year due to seniors being on a fixed income and being unable to work an extra job for additional income. There are many organizations that give important information and guidance on senior home sharing. Silvernest is one of the leading organizations that provides a tool to help seniors find a perfect match, however, there is a monthly charge for their services. Senior Homeshare is a nonprofit organization that matches seniors together, provides background checks, and helps prepare individuals to share their home with others. The National Shared Housing Resource Center (NSHRC) is a network of independent non-profit home sharing programs across the United States.

Home sharing can help older adults stay in the home they love. To learn about some of the pros and cons of home shares, visit TruSense. Use the resources above to learn more about how home sharing programs can fit into your life.

Michelle Jackson is an Economic Security Team Member for MiCAFE as well as a MMAP counselor at Elder Law of Michigan. Michelle has been a member of the Elder Law of Michigan team since March 2013. As an Economic Security Team Member and MMAP counselor, Michelle assists Michigan seniors with benefit applications and serves as an advocate for the health and safety of seniors.