Elder Law of Michigan Senior Advisory Council

On November 5th and 6th the Elder Law of Michigan’s Senior Advisory Council met via conference call to discuss opportunities for past, present, future clients, and other community members to engage with Elder Law of Michigan.  Elder Law of Michigan established the Senior Advisory Council to bring together a mix of older adults and professionals across Michigan to provide insight on issues of concern to older adults from a variety of local communities and recommendations to Elder Law of Michigan.

The Senior Advisory Council identified emerging issues seniors are facing within their communities including long term care and resources for caregivers, access to transportation, financial issues including solicitations and reverse mortgages, and an easy pathway to report elder abuse. The council also provided suggestions on creating opportunities for seniors to become more engaged with Elder Law of Michigan through volunteer opportunities which included matching opportunities to annual organizational goals and creating an advocacy focused ambassador program.

The next council call in January will focus on how to provide more services to better meet the needs of Elder Law of Michigan clients and identifying ways to reach out to clients we are not yet serving.  The Senior Advisory Council convenes quarterly to provide feedback, recommendations, and insight for Elder Law of Michigan services and upcoming projects.

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