31 Days of Giving, Day Ten: Closing the Digital Gap

For my day of volunteering, I spent the afternoon with Closing the Digital Gap (CDG). Their mission is to provide low-income residents and seniors with basic computer and Internet skills. This gives them the opportunity to make connections within the community, learn valuable job skills and connect them with important resources.

I spent some of my time there helping the director with their upcoming Christmas party. Every year he holds a Christmas party for his participants and their families. CDG provides food, games, and presents for the kids. It was really awesome to see how much he was putting into this party and how much he cared about showing his participants and their families a good time for the holidays.

The second part of my time there was spent helping CDG find other organizations that they could send outreach materials to. They want to be sure that they are reaching as many organizations as possible so that people know about the wonderful service they provide. I was able to use the knowledge that I have gained working at Elder Law of Michigan to help them come up with a long list of places to which they can send materials.

While I didn’t work directly with any of their participants, I was able to see how much the organization does for them and how much they care about reaching out to the community. To me, that says that they really care about their community and want to do what they can to help the people who live there.

– Skye Felsing, Intake Team Member

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