31 Days of Giving, Day Twelve: The Holiday Mail for Heroes Program

With the holidays upon us I would like to highlight a program of the Red Cross, Holiday Mail for Heroes, that Elder Law of Michigan decided to take part in. This program collects holiday cards between October and December and then distributes them at Military installations and veteran hospitals. The cards are sent by tens of thousands of Americans each year to show support and a “touch of home” to our devoted members of the U.S. Military. As I watched the video I shared below, it made remember what the holidays are all about: making someone smile, giving back to your community, lending a helping hand to your elderly neighbor, or even sending a holiday card to someone that risked their life to keep our country safe. The Holiday Mail for Heroes program is a great opportunity to give back during the holiday season when you cannot make a monetary or material donation. This program means something big to our soldiers and those in the military, especially during the holidays. If you are interested in participating in the Holiday Mail for Heroes program, visit their website for more information.

– Audra Ellis, Outreach Specialist

Watch a video about the Holiday Mail for Heroes program. 


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