Governor Snyder Seeks to Improve the Quality of Life for Seniors

On January 16, 2014 Governor Snyder gave his State of the State Address, part of which highlighted the numerous ways he seeks to create independence and improve the quality of life for seniors. He proposed making Michigan a “no-wait state” by increasing the funds dedicated to services such as Meals on Wheels and other in-home programs. Nearly 4,500 older adults are not receiving the in-home services they need. Additionally, the Governor called for legislators to pass pending bills that pledge numerous customer protections for seniors, to “help prevent abuse in situations where people are being taken advantage of.”

Later in the spring, he plans to outline other measures necessary for Michigan to better meet the needs of our seniors.

You can read about the 2014 State of the State Address here, or watch a recording of the State of the State Address here.

You can also read an excerpt from The Area Agencies on Aging Association of Michigan Member News.

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