Elder Law of Michigan Speaks Up on Behalf of Older Crime Victims

by Ron Tatro, Vice President & COO

Each year the Michigan Department of Corrections spends more than 2 billion dollars housing and management over 40,000 inmates. The Michigan Law Revision Commission and The Council of State Governments have spent the past year studying the Corrections system. This review has included how different parts of society is impacted and to what degree. Elder Law of Michigan has joined with Michigan Attorney General’s Office, Office of Crime Victim Advocacy, to speak on behalf of older victims of crime and how policy changes will impact their lives. Elder Law of Michigan will continue to be engaged as advocates for seniors as this review moves forward.

Ron is the Vice President & COO for Elder Law of Michigan. He joined Elder Law in 2007 as the Director of the Consumer Fraud Prevention Project. Before joining Elder of Michigan, Ron spent more than 40 years working in the fields of criminal justice, non-profit management, and small business. Mr. Tatro works on a wide range of projects including consumer related issues, elder abuse prevention activities, aging and disability issues. He has joined with local, state, and national partners to identify new and creative ways to address aging issues and its impact on older victims of exploitation and abuse.

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