The Issues Facing an Aging LGBT Population: Aging Together

WDET, MLive and Model D are all collaborating together this summer to focus one topic: aging together.

As part of this summer series, WDET continued to look at older adults and the issues they face aging in Detroit, this time turning their eye to the LGBT community. Of the 39 million Americans that are 65 years of age or older, it is estimated that 1.75 to 4 million of them identify as LGBT, according to the Administration on Aging. This population is expected to double by 2030*.

For LGBT adults, there are some unique issues to consider such as survivor and spousal benefits in addition to potential discrimination.

In order to discuss these topics WDET spoke with Jay Kaplan, ACLU staff attorney and a part of the LGBT Older Adults Coalition; and Charles Alexander, 78, a columnist for Between The Lines, a local artist and retired Detroit Public Schools Administrator. Listen to the discussion here.

Learn more about the Aging Together campaign. 

The Craig Fahle Show – The Issues Facing an Aging LGBT Population: Aging Together [WDET]


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