31 Days of Giving – Loaves and Fishes

by Lyndsy Gamet, Economic Security Team Member

31 Days Stamp 4When I arrived at Loaves and Fishes, I was greeted by a warm living space, and employees Erma and Beth, two warm and wonderful individuals! I was impressed by a Mural painted on the walls of one of the rooms. The organization is made of three buildings, part homeless shelter and part transitional living space. The organization began in 1982, established by few individuals, who wanted to help those less fortunate. They are located in Lansing, and consist of three houses down the road from each other, including a large kitchen and dining room in the main house.

An individual can stay in the shelter for up to 14 days. For that time, the shelter provides meals, transportation, and laundry. The transitional living space is available for up to 24 months, one area for women and children and another for single men. They have served thousands of individuals in the years since they opened.

loavesandfishes31daysI spent an afternoon at Loaves and Fishes. I wasn’t doing the most glamorous of jobs. I was organizing supplies. We all know how those types of things get away from us. Sometimes there are time constraints when it comes to organizing; sometimes there are space constraints. Loaves and Fishes was facing both of these obstacles. Fortunately, I was provided some clear storage boxes to help with the job, and I was able to tidy up their closet very well. I learned that they probably do not need any hanging file folders for a while, however, they are low on three ring binders, which I was told that they use frequently.

My volunteer experience was somewhat unique at Loaves and Fishes, as they have every-day opportunities. Those opportunities include the following:

  • Evening Volunteer
  • Overnight Volunteer
  • Dinner Provider
  • Clerical Volunteer
  • Yard & Maintenance Volunteer
  • Prayer partner

If you are interested in helping this great organization, please contact them at 517-482-2099, or find more information at their website.

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