Meet the Team, Staff Spotlight: Sandra Wisnewski

By Kristina Ried, MDHHS Eligibility Specialist

Sandra WisnewskiSandra Wisnewski, is an attorney and she has worked at Elder Law of Michigan since 2010. Sandra is currently the Director of Client Assistance. Prior to working at Elder Law of Michigan, she says the most interesting job she’s ever had was a tracing job at an engineering company. This is where she used her patience and attention to detail to trace drawings of car parts using a radiograph pen and mylar. These drawings were then converted to blueprints for use in manuals.

When she was younger, her dad encouraged her to take basic auto mechanic classes at a local community college; she carries that expertise with her still today and cites it as a hidden talent. Sandra’s least favorite food is liver. Her favorite place to travel is Tuscany, Italy, where she has been a few times with her family.  However, Hawaii is still on her bucket list of places she would like to visit.

When asked what her proudest moment at Elder Law of Michigan is, Sandra said that it is helping clients get the pension benefits they are entitled to and making a difference.