Sweetest Seniors

By Sheila Robison, Economic Security Team Member 

Get ready all ye who are romantic at heart! This year Sweetest Day is October 20th, always the third Saturday in October and celebrated in the Midwestern and parts of the Northeastern United States. You may think this is just a holiday created to increase the sale of candy and other romantic deeds. However, in 1922, philanthropist Herbert Birch Kingston started Sweetest Day to encourage doing something nice for the less fortunate. So, let it be known that Sweetest Day was started with good intentions.  

Senior citizens are a generation at the top of the list for Sweetest Day celebrations! There should be a day called Sweetest Seniors! They deserve all the good things in life. Candy may not be part of their diet, but there’s always cards, flowers, or a simple phone call or visit, which would be appreciated as well.  

Anyone would be thrilled to be treated to something special on this special day! Think of something extra special and personable that will take your loved one’s breath away! Go visit your local nursing home or assisted living center. Go surprise your child’s school teacher or the pastor of your church. Don’t forget the mailman, bus driver, or special delivery person in your neighborhood.

There are endless ways to spread joy! That’s what this day is all about!