My Time at Elder Law of Michigan

By Caitlin Zanin, Intern

When heading into law school, some students know exactly what they want to do with their lives, while others, like myself, do not. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History and applied to law school because I wanted to continue learning and saw law school as an opportunity. 2189515_origMy law enforcement parents were excited of this news because they want me to be a prosecutor, which I was open to at the time. However, during my first year of law school, I realized that there were types of attorneys other than the ones shown on tv and that the possibilities were endless on what I could do in a career as a lawyer.

At Michigan State University College of Law, I attend a career fair and was lucky enough to meet and apply to Elder Law of Michigan as a legal intern. Prior to this year, I didn’t even know there were lawyers who specialize in helping the elderly. Elder Law of Michigan has been a great place to intern after my first year of law school. It is one thing to read textbooks, but it is eye opening to experience how lawyers interact with clients and the law.

On my first day at Elder Law of Michigan, I was excited because I was finally not in school reading books all day, but nervous since I had only been in school for a year. I was unsure if a years worth of knowledge was enough to help people. However, Elder Law of Michigan is filled with intelligent and experienced attorneys who supervised me daily with clients’ legal issues.

Elder Law of Michigan was a great internship because not only have I gained a deep understanding of the attorney-client relationship, but I have also gained a wide variety of legal knowledge. Although I recognized a few property or intellectual property cases, I had no prior experience with estate planning, Medicare, or other legal issues. Elder Law of Michigan has provided me with knowledge that will help me with school, the bar exam, and my career.

I was fortunate enough to learn from lawyers in a great environment. Talking to other interns from other work places, I learned that Elder Law was different because those other interns were thrown into the deep end without any instruction, while at Elder Law, the supervising attorneys helped myself and others with any sort of question or problems we may have had. The attorneys and staff were fun and considerate. It was a warm atmosphere on and off the phone and it is a great place for clients and as a workplace. I would recommend Elder Law of Michigan to any law students who want to gain a great legal experience.

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