31 Days of Giving – Community of Christ Church

by Pat Ocheltree, Economic Security Team Member

31 Days Stamp 1What a meaningful and fun time I had at Community of Christ Church on Miller Road, Lansing, helping with their Wednesday community hot dog night. What I found was not just a hot dog dinner! Yes, individuals did come and were blessed by physical food. But it was so much more! The first thing I noticed (and felt) was the comfortable, warm and welcoming atmosphere! Friendly greetings from staff who were serving mingled with those who entered.

There was a long table that was hectic and happily busy all evening (4:30-6:30PM) because people were diligently creating beautiful Christmas cookies that had already been baked but lacked the colors of Christmas! Intense expressions decorated their faces!

At another center in the well-lit, convivial atmosphere, people were busy creating gingerbread boy and girl Christmas decorations, snowmen and decorative bulbs to take home! Colorful felt pieces were available to make these pretty ornaments! Two young children were especially enthusiastic and gifted; they had beautiful smiles that were even prettier than their creations and reflected their pleasure! They were excited to take their decorated cookies and ornaments home with them!

Community of Christ Church, 1514 West Miller Road, Lansing, serves this dinner each Wednesday evening reaching out to those in their community. It is a genuine service expressing caring and respect for those who attend!

Pat OcheltreePat Ocheltree is the MiCAFE Volunteer Coordinator at Elder Law of Michigan. She has been at Elder Law since 2003 when she was hired as Administrative Support Staff for the Legal Hotline for Michigan Seniors. Since 2003, she has enjoyed many challenging and rewarding growth experiences serving as Assistant Project Director for the Consumer Fraud Prevention Project and the Benefits Enrollment and Options Center Manager. In late 2012, she was moved into the position of MiCAFE Volunteer Coordinator.

Pat graduated cum laude from Cedarville University with a Bachelor of Arts in History and Biological Science. Prior to joining Elder Law, Pat served as a Civil Rights Representative in the Department of Civil Rights for the State of Michigan for eight years. In 2008, she was the recipient of an Operation ABLE award for her outstanding efforts in her work with a diverse group of volunteers in a positive and productive environment.

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