By Jennifer Blanck, Economic Security Team Member  

Over the last few years, Elder Law of Michigan has adopted a senior family for Christmas. This has quickly become a much-anticipated tradition in the office. The senior community is, unfortunately, a much-overlooked population and there are not as many programs available to the elderly community as there are for young families with children. Most seniors are living on fixed incomes and can barely make ends meet, which can make Christmas a very difficult time of year for them.  

We have had the privilege to be a small part of the lives of the families we have adopted. Families that range from a married couple just trying to make ends meet, to an elderly couple who developed health problems causing them to lose their independence and forced them to move in with their adult children, as well as grandparents raising their grandchildren. During the holiday season, our staff has rallied together to provide clothing items, coats and boots, food, hand-made gifts, specific wish list items, gift cards, and cash. It has been an absolute blessing and honor to be a part of such an amazing program every year that helps bring the joy of Christmas into the lives of our local seniors.   

Next year, please consider adopting a senior family during the holidays. You may reach out to your local area on aging to inquire if they have families in need.  Some resources to adopt a family are the Volunteers of, and Tri-County Office on Aging.   


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