CARE: Consumers Affordable Resource for Energy

Consumers Energy is helping qualified customers afford and better manage their monthly energy costs with the CARE Program. CARE customers receive a 40% discount on their Consumers Energy bill until September 2015, so long as participants make on-time monthly payments toward a more affordable bill. Enrollment in CARE offers many other great benefits available to customers as part of Consumers Energy’s commitment to providing affordable energy to Michigan.

Benefits of CARE:

  • Affordable monthly payment with a 40% CARE credit on monthly energy charges;
  • Outstanding past due balance is frozen at the time of enrollment and will be reduced if you make regular monthly payments;
  • Energy efficiency tools, including an opportunity called “Helping Neighbors” for free in-home upgrades; and,
  • Assistance agent from the agency where you enroll will support you during your CARE journey.

Check out the Consumers Energy Helping Neighbors website for more information.

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