50 or older? It’s time to get tested!

Are you or is someone you care about 50 or older? Then it’s time to talk with a doctor about getting screened for colon cancer.

ACSThe American Cancer Society® recommends that everyone 50 and older start and be tested regularly. People who have colon cancer or colon polyps in their families should talk to their doctor at an earlier age about getting tested.

Although colon cancer is the third leading cause of cancer death among men and women in the United States, some colon cancers can be prevented with regular testing. But, many people aren’t getting the tests that could save their lives – often because they’re afraid the tests may be embarrassing or painful.

The fact is, these tests are almost always neither. Some of the tests, such as colonoscopy, can help doctors find polyps – small growths in the colon that can lead to cancer. Colonoscopy is often recommended because it looks at the entire colon and because, if a polyp is found, it can be removed during the procedure. Colonoscopy is done using sedation, so it’s not painful. Stool tests are another option, and these tests can be done in the privacy of your own home. Click here to watch a short video about these and other colon cancer screening tests.

Preventing colon cancer, or finding it early, doesn’t have to be expensive. There are simple, affordable tests available. Don’t wait – talk to your doctor today to decide which cancer screening tests are right for you and how often you should have them.

To learn more about the steps you can take to stay well and find colon cancer early, visit cancer.org/colon or call the American Cancer Society at1-800-227-2345. (Source: American Cancer Society)

This information is provided by the American Cancer Society. For additional information or support, please call 800-227-2345 or visit cancer.org.

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