Mrs. Sylvia Scales

Client Letter – HRCMI Made My Dream Come True

HRCMI LogoElder Law of Michigan recently received a letter from Mrs. Sylvia Scales, a client who received assistance with her Step Forward Application from the Housing Rights Center of Michigan (HRCMI), a program of ELM. With the funds provided by Step Forward, Mrs. Scales was able to catch up on her taxes, preventing foreclosure on her home. Mrs. Scales asked that we share what she had to say about HRCMI and the help she received from our wonderful staff.

Mrs. Sylvia Scales
Mrs. Sylvia Scales

I would like to thank you for all of your assistance. At 80 years old my husband and I have been financially struggling to stay in our home. When I was notified of a program that would assist with past taxes I was very excited. This is where we met. Unfortunately the program ran out of funds but you kept working to find me assistance. When more dollars became available you sent me paperwork to complete and continuously contacted me to make sure I met the deadline. During this time my husband passed and my financial position became critical. I had so much going on I struggled to complete anything. We had been married for 60 years and you can imagine the devastation. Fortunately for me you never gave up. You were committed to helping me and you did. You continued to call and remind me to complete the forms. You reviewed them and made sure I understood what to submit. I never met anyone with the patience you shown me.

As a senior citizen many people forget that we need more time and assistance. Change is hard for me. But staying in my home of 40 years is my dream. Your hard work and diligence has made that dream come true. I would have never been able to catch up on my past taxes. This is a second chance for an old lady that really needed it. There are not enough words to say thank you but I hope this letter expresses my gratitude.


Sylvia Scales

Elder Law of Michigan is proud to serve clients like Mrs. Scales across Michigan. Whether assisting clients with legal issues, lost pensions, benefits applications, or housing counseling, ELM and its range of programs are here to help. Do you or a loved one need assistance on one or more of these issues? Visit our website to learn more about our programs and how they can help you.

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