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Celebrating Veterans’ Day

By Rosa Robinson, Housing Counselor

ELM is proud to serve those who serve our country. 1 in 10 MiCAFE clients are a veteran or spouse of a veteran.Veterans’ Day is a time to honor those who have served their country. Freebies such as free meals and haircuts are offered by businesses statewide to show their appreciation. However, oftentimes Michigan veterans may not be aware of other benefits they may qualify for or how to apply for them.

To address this problem, under Executive Order 2013-2, the Michigan Veteran Affairs Agency (MVAA) was established on March 20, 2013, on the 10th anniversary of Operation Iraqi Freedom. MVAA is a one stop veteran resource center, connecting veterans to benefits related to employment, emergency assistance, education, health care, quality of life, veterans’ home and more. For more information about the MVAA, call 1-800-642-4838 or visit www.michiganveterans.com.

Other resources are available to Michigan Veterans as well. For more information on these resources, read our previous blog post on the topic.

Rosa Robinson

Rosa is a Housing Counselor at Elder Law of Michigan and has been with ELM since October 2014. Rosa graduated from Central Michigan University with a Master’s Degree in Sociology.

Prior to working at ELM, Rosa worked in the Human Services for over a decade. She currently provides foreclosure prevention support as part of the Housing Rights Center of Michigan.

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