Abigail Chacon

My Time at Elder Law of Michigan

by Abigail Chacon, Bilingual Team Member

Abigail ChaconElder Law of Michigan’s mission is to advocate for, educate and assist our seniors by providing effective solutions that improve quality of life involving economic security, legal solutions and much needed peace of mind. Elder Law of Michigan (ELM) achieves that every day, when you wander our halls you hear conversations about benefits that seniors may qualify for, explanations of the law affecting them, and outreach programs that they may participate in. ELM is an organization that not only serves the community, but does so with the thought of  always improving its service.

I came to work at ELM in August of 2014, I was not sure what to expect. I had never
worked at a nonprofit before but, I soon learned that this organization was filled with incredible people who are so kind and caring. ELM asks its employees how they could improve efficiency so as to reach more seniors. The most wonderful part of this organization is how close everyone is and how the organization wants to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard in the marketplace of ideas to improve ELM.

Walking down these hallways for now almost two years, I have come to know a lot of my
coworkers and I respect and admire what they do. I will appreciate every lesson I learned through this organization and its members. I learned not only about the law, having the opportunity to work in the Legal Hotline where the calls varied from questions on Bankruptcy to Wills. It was intimidating at times, but the support the attorneys at ELM provided me with the confidence that we were giving them the best resources and help. But I also learned how important the heart of an organization is. No matter what department you call at ELM, everyone is willing to help and do so with a smile. There is patience and compassion demonstrated at each one of those calls, listening to the needs of our seniors and finding the best ways to be able to assist them.

Now that I am graduating from MSU College of Law, I will be moving down to Texas to sit
for Texas State Bar, I will miss working at ELM. I will miss the friendships I have made and the opportunity to feel like I did something worthwhile during my time here. I will take with me the lessons I have learned here, the pride in providing good work as well as providing it with the heart and care that everyone here at ELM does every day.

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