Man and woman hugging and smiling.

A New Attitude for a New Day

by Sheila Robison, MiCAFE Network Coordinator

So, this is a fairly new one and yes, it’s true, March 18th is now being noted as “Forgive Mom & Dad Day!” Finally, a day of opportunity for us parents!!! Yes, us, well deserving, hardworking, devoted and courteous parents! If you are one of the chosen who are responsible for a little human being, called a child, or need to face issues with an older parent, please join in on the newest essential way of living a most prosperous and psychologically healthy life.

It’s all about moving forward, forgiving yourself and those around you and allowing the past to remain where it belongs, in the past. For each generation, there are different ways to do things; different ways to relate the sometimes obvious occurrences. We parent differently with each year that passes in order to better ourselves and make a better life for our children. Today is a chance at another way that tries to help ease the sometime sensitive reality and hurt that may be involved when mistakes have been made and not dealt with.

So, if you’re blaming a parent and/or harboring resentment, take today & let it go. Look at it with logic, write a letter is necessary or maybe just a heartfelt note to yourself, but acknowledge the fact that no human is perfect and your parent isn’t any different. Break the cycle and go forward to do your best not to repeat your parents’ mistakes. Forgive them. Refusing to forgive only keeps you from healing. Seek professional advice is necessary.


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