Staff Spotlight – Sheila Robison

by Sandra Wisnewski, J.D., Director of Client Assistance

It is my pleasure to introduce you to one of our full-time benefit specialists, Sheila Robison.  Sheila has been a benefit specialist at Elder Law of Michigan (ELM) since June of 2010.  Sheila is dedicated to helping clients who need services.


Sheila works in the Michigan Coordinated Access to Food for the Elderly (MiCAFE) department within ELM.  Sheila’s main job duty is to assist clients who may qualify for; Food Assistance (FAP), the Medicare Savings Program (MSP), Low Income Subsidy (LIS), and State Emergency Relief (SER).

Sheila is dedicated to getting clients the help that they need.  Sheila is empathetic, patient, hardworking, and knowledgeable.  Sheila “loves her job” and her compassion for those she helps is obvious with each phone call.  Since Sheila started at ELM she has assisted over 2,400 clients!

Also, Sheila is always ready and willing to help others within the office who need an extra hand.  Her dedication to her colleagues and clients is admirable and very much appreciated.

Thank you for all that you do for ELM!

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