Julia Miller

Welcome Julia!

Julia Miller is an undergraduate intern. She started her senior year at Michigan State University and is set to graduate in the spring of 2018. Despite starting her college career with the intention of pursuing a degree in Neuroscience and becoming a Pediatric Neurologist, Julia quickly realized that medicine, and more specifically chemistry, was not her true passion. Knowing that she wanted to spend her life helping others and making a positive change, she began researching majors and careers that would enable her to do this in a way that would also bring her passion and fulfillment. Had it not been for a sociology class that discussed social inequality and injustice in the United States, Julia may never have decided to make the drastic switch from Neuroscience to Political Science Pre-Law, but as soon as she did she knew she had found the right path for her.

After only one semester in the political science program, Julia was nominated by Professor Ani Sarkissian to join the Political Science Scholars Program. Julia was accepted into the program for the beginning of her sophomore year and continues to represent the political science department’s best and brightest as she nears the end of her time at Michigan State University. In the spring semester of 2015, Julia rushed Michigan State University’s first professional, co-ed pre-law fraternity Kappa Alpha Pi Eta Chapter. Michigan State’s chapter of this organization was still new at the time, having only been founded a few years earlier, in the spring of 2012. Its newness was part of what drew Julia in however, as it presented her with the unique opportunity to help lead and shape the future of Kappa Alpha Pi at MSU. She spent one year in the position of Professional Development Chair before having to step down in order to accept internship and employment opportunities. Despite having to step down from her position on the Executive Board, Julia remains a proud and active member, contributing much of her successes throughout her college career on the opportunities and relationships that she developed through Kappa Alpha Pi.

Julia is interning with Elder Law for the fall semester through Michigan State University’s Legal Internship Program, run by Professor Melissa O’Shea, which places prospective law students in internships in the legal field in order to give them valuable legal experience that will enable them to decide if law school is right for them. In addition to this internship, Julia works as an Undergraduate Learning Assistant and has a part time job at Campus Corner in downtown East Lansing.

Julia spent the summer working as an intern at East Lansing City Hall in the Finance department gaining invaluable experience working in local government. She remains on staff there as projects arise throughout the year. Julia is currently preparing law school applications and plans to begin law school in the fall of 2018. Although she does not yet know what type of law she would like to practice, she is driven to succeed. Julia is on pace to graduate in the top 10% of her class and hopes to see her hard work pay off by being accepted into the University of Colorado at Boulder’s law program, which is currently her first choice for law school. She is drawn both to UC Boulder’s impressive academics as well as its beautiful scenery. If all goes according to plan, she will move out there next fall and maybe even find the time to take her dog, who is half-wolf, on a few hikes through the beautiful Rocky Mountains before she gets too caught up in the chaos of being a 1L.

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