Here for the Summer, Intern Angela Quinn Joins the ELM Team

By Angela Quinn, Legal Hotline Intern  

I’m interning at Elder Law of Michigan after finishing my first year of law school at Michigan State University. I’m excited to join Elder Law of Michigan because elder law covers a vast range of legal topics and the growing number of seniors creates a high demand for aid. 

I grew up in a small town in Michigan, and as a middle child, I was found frequently advocating for myself. It was not long until my advocating amongst my siblings turned into advocating amongst my childhood friends, and eventually I wound up advocating for change at school. To me, school was a place where learning and development were valued. I was encouraged to think critically and express myself. My favorite subject was always history because of the underlying social, political, and economic issues that shaped life during any given period or phenomenon.  

When I graduated from high school in 2013, I was set on becoming a history teacher and attending Frederick Meijer Honors College at Grand Valley State University. After a semester working with inner city students alongside a social studies teacher, I realized the difficulties and challenges teachers face in a culture centered around technology and developing standards. Shortly after, I transferred to Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, to continue my education with a new drive to comprehend societal issues. I extensively studied Political Science and History, and took classes in Theology, French, and Legal Studies.  

I chose to attend law school so that I could have a platform to address societal issues and help navigate those unfamiliar with the legal system to accomplish their goals. 

Upon finishing my legal education at Michigan State University, I hope to advocate change for students, schools, and teachers to make the educational system more efficient and effective in developing the best generation history has yet to see.