Meet the Team, Staff Spotlight: Jennifer Blanck

By Ron Tatro, Vice President

What do you say about a colleague who comes to work every day with a smile and positive attitude? You say thank you, and what a pleasure it is to work with them. My colleague, Jennifer Blanck, brings those traits with her to work each day.

Jennifer joined Elder Law of Michigan in response to an opportunity to join the Elder Law of Michigan team utilizing her bilingual skills of English and Spanish. She started working on the housing hotline projects speaking to clients and partners around the country. She moved on to working with MiCAFE Network clients, assisting them with benefit applications for programs such as SNAP and State Emergency Relief (SER).

However, I want to focus on her newest assignment working on elder abuse prevention projects and senior victims. It has quickly become apparent that she has a passion for both the work itself and some of the most vulnerable members of our society. It has led to a new confidence and professional growth as she discovers aspects of prevention work and the resources available to senior victims. She tackles the concept of learning new information and challenges with gusto, sticking with the task until she has mastered it.

I recently asked her what advice she would give new Elder Law of Michigan employees about the work being done at here. She replied with, “Always remember to treat clients like they are your parents or grandparents. We strive to help older people have a better life.” Well said Jennifer.

Passion comes to each of us in different ways. Jennifer is driven by the desire to learn, educate, and protect those who need protecting. Both Elder Law of Michigan and its clients are fortunate to have such a strong advocate.