Senior Daycare Facilities

By Michelle Jackson, Screening and Application Specialist at Elder Law of Michigan

Adult daycare centers are extremely popular throughout the country. These centers are known as safe places for seniors to go. Seniors spend their daytime with others, use their minds, and receive quality services such as transportation, health screenings, physical therapy, and supervision as well as nutritious meals.

Adult daycare centers allow caregivers and loved ones time to unwind and relax. They prevent caregiver burnout and give caregivers time to take care of things that would otherwise be incredibly challenging to achieve while caregiving. Some of these centers have specialists that work with dementia patients at all levels which is a priceless service for caregivers and family members who care for these patients daily.

Adult daycare can be expensive but fortunately, most health insurance, including veteran benefits, will cover the cost of these amazing centers. It is especially important for caregivers to choose the right daycare center for their loved one. The center should offer services that meet the needs of the participant. Some seniors like to play games, while others need physical therapy or counseling. When picking a daycare center, it is important to consider daycare hours, staff, dietary needs, and structure of the day.

To most older adults and caregivers these daycare centers give confidence and comfort while providing a healthy, safe environment, and opportunities that an older adult may not receive at home.

Check out the Michigan Adult Day Services Association for more information or to find the perfect adult daycare center in your area.

 Michelle Jackson is an Economic Security Team Member for MiCAFE as well as an MMAP counselor at Elder Law of Michigan. Michelle has been a member of the Elder Law of Michigan team since March 2013. As an Economic Security Team Member and MMAP counselor, Michelle assists Michigan seniors with benefit applications and serves as an advocate for the health and safety of seniors.