Use my Social Security to instantly check the status of your benefits claim

By Vonda Van Til, Social Security Public Affairs Specialist

If you applied for Social Security benefits, or have a pending reconsideration or hearing request, you can instantly check the status online using your personal mySocial Security account. If you don’t have an account, you can create one at to see thefollowing information about your claim:

• Date of filing.

• Re-entry numbers for incomplete applications.

• Current claim location.

• Servicing office location.

• Scheduled hearing date and time, if applicable.

• Publications of interest, depending on the claim and current step in the process.

Use your personal my Social Security account to instantly check the status of yourapplication or appeal at

If you have questions about retirement, disability, Medicare, or survivors benefits, as well as Supplemental Security Income, visit our webpage at

Vonda Van Til is the Public Affairs Specialist for West Michigan. You can write her c/o Social Security Administration, 3045 Knapp NE, Grand Rapids MI 49525 or via email at