How Your Donation Changes Lives

One of our clients, Pat, applied for her late husband’s veteran benefits and was wrongly denied. Without that income, she couldn’t afford food, critical home repairs or past due property taxes. She was faced with going hungry and without heat, even losing her home.

After several attempts to get help elsewhere, she contacted Elder Law of Michigan’s Legal Hotline for Michigan Seniors. It took four months, but we negotiated a reduced pay off of her taxes and got her husband’s veteran benefits!

Now, Pat has repaired her home and paid off her taxes. She can also afford the food she needs to stay healthy.

“Receiving VA benefits makes me feel like my husband is still taking care of me. Thank you for helping me!”

Donors like you make success stories like this possible. Your donation means that older adults – your neighbor, the caller that couldn’t pay, or even a friend – will be able to make one call for help when they are unable to make ends meet or are living with a problem that keeps them up at night.

Donate to Elder Law of Michigan today and help change the lives of our clients! Attorneys, click here to donate through the Access to Justice Campaign. 

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