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Celebrate World Osteoporosis Day

by Char Brooks, J.D., Community Garden Facilitator and Attorney

A couple jogging in the woods.At ELM, we do our best to educate you on matters which can help you enjoy your life more. We are fortunate that there is a plethora of information on so many causes that are relevant to seniors. The purpose of World Osteoporosis Day is to raise awareness about the importance of having strong bones.

Osteoporosis affects your bone and can cause them to become weak. According to the Mayo Clinic, osteoporosis affects both men and women and occurs when new bones aren’t created after old bone tissue is broken down. Strong bones are essential to good health. Celebrate World Osteoporosis Day on October 20th and increase your awareness of how to keep your bones strong.

There are two actions you can do to keep your bones strong: exercise daily and enjoy foods that contain protein, calcium and vitamin D.

  1. Exercise daily: Weight-bearing exercises, for example, can be helpful in reducing the risk of falling. A Matter of Balance is a great class offered by the Area Agency on Aging all over Michigan. This class will help you strengthen your bones and reduce the risk of falling.

2. Enjoy foods that contain protein, calcium and vitamin D: Diet is another factor that can be related to bone health. Consuming enough calcium and vitamin D is essential for healthy bones. Milk, yogurt, cheese, sardines, and other fish are just a few of the many foods that have calcium in them. For a list of some excellent food choices to help you have healthy bones, check World Osteoporosis Day Nutrition for Seniors.

Eating a balanced diet along with regular exercises can help you lead a happy healthy life, keeping you active and independent.  It’s easier than you think to eat leafy greens, dairy, and get your exercise!

Char BrooksChar Brooks is a Community Garden Facilitator and Attorney at Elder Law of Michigan, and has been a member of the ELM team since August 2012.  

Char holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Michigan State University, and graduated with her Juris Doctor in 1980 from Thomas M. Cooley Law School. Before joining the Elder Law of Michigan team, she served as an Attorney with Michigan Hospital Association representing 140 hospitals throughout the state of Michigan in unemployment compensation cases.  

As a Community Garden Facilitator, Char teaches Gardening with Older Adults for Health and Nutrition which helps seniors increase their fruits, vegetables and exercise while spending less money on products.   As an Attorney, Char has written blog posts and created legal brochures on matters affecting Michigan Seniors.

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